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Discover the Bed

The Caregiver Bed  has been shown to increase patient experience and outcomes – improving your bottom line.

Easy to Install

The self-contained unit takes less than 15 minutes to install and causes minimal wall damage.

Easy to Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect

Encased in a composite resin infused with an antimicrobial agent for hospital cleaning.

Safety First

The bed folds down with only 12 pounds of force and can be closed with 18 pounds.


The bed uses a custom Tempur-Pedic® mattress sized to standard hospital linens.


The bed was tested for the equivalent of 14 years of daily use.

Compact Design

Easily folds up into the wall unit to allow for additional room.

Only the Best for Comfort

The Caregiver bed uses a custom Tempur-Pedic® mattress sized to standard hospital linens.

Proudly Made in America

Changing patient and caregiver lives is one thing, creating jobs is another, and it’s making the difference in our communities.

Caregiver Bed Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Most facilities find the Caregiver Bed is quite affordable. Volume discounts are also available. Some facilities may qualify for our sponsorship program that allows businesses to donate the bed to organizations in need.

The Caregiver Bed can be ordered in any quantity. To help maximize shipping expense we recommend ordering in groups of four beds.

The Caregiver Company is committed to providing the highest standard in customer service. Helpful staff is available to answer any questions about purchasing, shipping, installation, cleaning, and all other aspects of the Caregiver Bed. Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm CST.

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