A Hospital Bed Focused On Your Patient's Caregivers

Family-centered care is becoming the norm for hospital patients, ensuring the patient receives top quality care and shortening hospital stays. The days of “hospital visiting hours only” are rare.

Your Patient's Caregivers Deserve The Very Best

Hospitals understand having a caregiver present in the room improves the patient’s experience and recovery. The Caregiver Bed provides each caregiver:

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Custom Sized To Hospital Linens

The Most Comfort You Can Give Your Caregivers

Put Your Bottom Line To Rest

Caregiver Bed focuses on improving patient experience while keeping your bottom-line in tact. Flexible pricing based on order size makes Caregiver Bed both ergonomic and economical.

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What Others Are Saying About Caregiver Bed

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See The Caregiver Bed In Action

See first-hand how Caregiver Bed will improve your visitors’ experience, and optimize the footprint of your hospital rooms.